Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 11 matchup against the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears look to win consecutive games. That will be a tall task as they face the NFC North leaders, the Detroit Lions. Here are storylines to follow.
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Which running game takes over?

The key to the game could be the running game. Both teams are excellent at running the ball and stopping the run. The Lions rank fourth in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns and rank seventh in average yards per carry. On defense, they rank third in rushing yards allowed, 16th in rushing touchdowns allowed, and fourth in average yards per carry.

Running the ball and stopping the run is the strong point for the Bears. On offense, they rank fifth in rushing yards, 15th in rushing touchdowns, and eighth in average yards per carry. On defense, they shine against the run. They rank second in rushing yards, third in rushing touchdowns, and lead the league in average yards per carry.

It is great to see the Chicago Bears' steel curtain against the run again. They fell off a lot in recent seasons, ranking 31st just last year. Now they are back to dominating. They have only allowed over 100 rushing yards twice this season.

The Bears meet up with their old friend David Montgomery. Well, considering how he bashed the Bears after he left, he might not be an old friend.

Montgomery is having a very good season. He leads the league in rushing yards per game (83.5). Despite missing three games, he is on pace to have a career-high in rushing yards. Additionally, he has seven touchdowns, one off his career high.

It is a sure bet that the Bears players remember what Montgomery said. They will look to not only shut him down but also embarrass him. Yes, he is with a better team (for now) but attacking his old team like that was unnecessary. It just gives Chicago bulletin board material.