Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 9 matchup vs New Orleans Saints

The Chicago Bears try to erase the taste of a horrible loss in Week 8. They hope to give a better showing in Week 9 against the New Orleans Saints.
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Can Bagent bounce back from last week's struggles?

After Tyson Bagent's performance in Week 7, a lot of fans felt he was a better fit in the offense than Fields. There was talk among some of them about whether he should become the starter over Fields. He is the quarterback offensive coordinator Luke Getsy envisions running the offense.

Then last week happened and it forced many to temper some of their expectations. The problem with Bagent is his weak throwing arm. He just cannot throw deep very well. Against the Chargers, Bagent was 4/10 for 82 yards, no touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. The Chargers dared him to beat them deep by securing everything underneath. They were right on top of the receivers and did not allow them to get yards after the catch. By doing that, they left the deep ball available throughout the game. Bagent could not take advantage of that.

You could expect the Saints to do the same. Unlike the Chargers, though, the Saints have a good pass defense. The Chargers came into the game last week ranked last against the pass. The Saints come into this week's game ranked seventh. If the Chargers were able to shut down the Bears passing attack, what will happen when the Saints face them? Getsy has to make some adjustments for this game or watch his offense go down in flames again