Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 14 matchup against the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears come out of their bye week refreshed and regrouped to play the final five games of the season. First up, a rematch against the Detroit Lions.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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Can someone other than Moore step up?

In their last game, wide receiver DJ Moore again had a good game. He had 7 catches for 96 yards and a touchdown. He was also wide open on a 40-yard play that was just overthrown. If that play is made then we are likely talking about a huge game that led to a victory for the Bears.

We can be sure that the Lions will make adjustments to handle Moore. They won't want him to break out again and make big plays. The plan will be to dare the other receivers to make plays. This is where Darnell Mooney and Tyler Scott come in.

Mooney has not played as big of a role in the offense as he has in the past. He almost seems like an afterthought at this moment. The Bears have to find a way to get him more involved. He can make plays and should be given the opportunity to do so.

Scott is definitely looking to make up for his errors in the last matchup. He coughed up the ball that led to a game-tying touchdown in the second quarter. In the fourth quarter, He was targeted on a long throw downfield. If he catches the ball the game is likely over. However, he misjudged the ball and slowed down. He just missed making the catch as a result. The Bears punted and the Lions took the ball downfield to get the game-winning touchdown.

These two receivers are dying to play a part in a victory. In addition to having experience making big plays, Mooney is also playing for a new contract. He is in the final season of his rookie contract and wants to earn another one. He isn't exactly wowing people with his stats this season, though (25 catches, 351 yards, 1 touchdown). He hopes to finish the season strong in the final five games.