Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 8 matchup vs Los Angeles Chargers

After getting their second win in three games, the Chicago Bears look for more as they travel to take on the Los Angeles Chargers. Here are storylines to follow
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How does Roschon Johnson fit into the rushing attack?

Running back Roschon Johnson missed the last two games due to a concussion. He is on track to returning this week, however. Before he was injured, he rose through the depth chart. He was the Chicago Bears' fourth-round pick, and was behind Khalil Herbert and D'Onta Foreman.

Johnson was able to be the backup to Herbert with his tough and elusive running, blocking, and contributing in the passing game. He was considered to be on track to eventually becoming the starting running back. Then he suffered the concussion.

Johnson has looked on as Foreman has had two good games in his and Herbert's absence. Now that he is about ready to come back, he looks for a way to fit in. He does not want to come in and mess up the chemistry.

Foreman, Darrynton Evans, and Khari Blasingame have done a great job of improving the rushing attack. After being stuck in the bottom half of the league in rushing, the Bears now rank fourth. They hope to return to the top where they were last season.

Johnson does not want to disrupt the flow of the unit. He wants to step in and strengthen the attack even more. Moreover, he wants to show what he can do as a starter. He was behind Bijan Robinson his entire career at the University of Texas and did a great job. Now he wants to take advantage of the opportunity he has to carry a running back unit.

Having Johnson fit right in and contribute will give the Bears one tough rushing attack.