Chicago Bears: Storylines to watch in Week 7 vs Las Vegas Raiders

The Chicago Bears host the Las Vegas Raiders trying to regroup and overcome injuries. Here are some storylines to watch in this Week 7 battle.
Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders
Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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Can the defense have a repeat of last week's performance?

One positive we saw from last week's game was the performance by the Chicago Bears defense. What we saw was similar to the Monsters of the Midway we are used to seeing from the Bears.

The Bears held the high-flying Vikings offense to just 220 yards. They shut down their rushing game, holding Minnesota to 46 yards on the ground. While the scoreboard says the defense gave up 19 points, it was actually 12. The Vikings' defense scored a touchdown on a fumble scoop and run into the end zone.

The only touchdown the Bears defense allowed came after the offense turned the ball over near the end of the first half. In fact, the defense allowed zero points in the second half. The Vikings had just one opportunity at scoring and it was on a missed field goal.

It was great to see the defense play so well. The players rallied to the ball. They pressured quarterback Kirk Cousins and even forced him to throw an interception. The linebackers were incredible. They had 22 tackles, a sack, several pressures, and an interception.

Like with the offense, the question is if the defense can have a repeat performance. The offense would have a good performance here and there but is not consistent. Will the same happen with the defense? Let's hope not and see more games from the unit similar to the one we saw last week.