Chicago Bears: Storylines to watch in Week 7 vs Las Vegas Raiders

The Chicago Bears host the Las Vegas Raiders trying to regroup and overcome injuries. Here are some storylines to watch in this Week 7 battle.

Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders
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Will Getsy call a better game?

We keep waiting for the Chicago Bears offense to be more consistent. Part of the reason for the inconsistency is offensive coordinator Luke Getsy's play-calling. He has been having trouble consistently calling a good game plan. One game he will have Fields rolling out, moving the pocket, and having designed runs. The next game he settles for screen pass after screen pass.

Here is an example of Getsy's inconsistency. With Fields at the helm, Getsy called a lot of screens. DJ Moore, who had 230 yards and 3 touchdowns in Week 5, had just two targets in the first half of last week's game. Again, Getsy went with the screen calls. The offense kept getting bogged down.

After Fields' injury, the Bears had to put Bagent in. He did not have any work with the starters. He had a fumble that resulted in a Minnesota touchdown. Despite that, the Bears had the ball with a chance to take the lead or even win the game. They were marching down the field pretty easily. This would be the perfect time to use some of those screen passes or flares. Call some easy passes and have Foreman bruise his way through the Vikings front, getting first downs.

It was going well and the Bears looked like they were on their way to another score. Then Getsy incredibly decided to do with the rookie that he wouldn't do with Fields -- throw deep downfield. The pass, of course, was horribly underthrown. It was intercepted and another frustrating loss was sealed.

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Let's see what type of game plan Getsy has for Bagent this week. Will he be conservative the same way he was with Fields, or will he call more deep passes? Most rookies need to be protected when they have their first professional start. Remember what happened when the coaching staff failed to do that for Fields in his first start in Cleveland? It was a hot mess. Let's see what happens with Bagent.