Chicago Bears: Studs and duds from Week 12 win against Minnesota Vikings

The Chicago Bears had another dominant game but almost lost the game again. They did what they had to do, however, to come away with the upset win.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Dud: Matt Eberflus, head coach

This coaching staff has not done the team any favors this season. Eberflus was almost as bad as Getsy on Monday night. He had to sign off on Getsy's ridiculously conservative game plan. The way the game was called, it appears as if Eberflus/Getsy got Fields confused with Tyson Bagent.

Eberflus also made some other errors. Late in the game, he wasted an important timeout by challenging a Minnesota pass completion that was clearly caught. It was on the drive in which the Vikings scored the go-ahead touchdown. Of course, Eberflus lost the challenge and that left the Bears down a timeout. Thankfully, Fields and Moore made sure that the move did not come back to haunt the Bears.

After the Bears lost a fumble, the Vikings had an opportunity to extend their lead. However, the defense held and forced a punt. Minnesota tried to get the Bears offside. They were just outside of field goal range, about 61 yards away. They ended up taking a delay of game penalty to give themselves more space to punt.

The announcers figured that Chicago would decline the penalty. The Bears didn't and gave the Vikings a chance to have room. They could have pinned the Bears deep in their territory. Instead, the Vikings kicker booted a bad punt and gave the Bears the ball on their own 22. If Eberflus took the penalty, then there would be a likely chance that the punt would end up being a touchback. Eberflus again got bailed out, this time by Minnesota's punter.

Neither Eberflus nor Getsy did anything to convince the fans that they are the coaches qualified to lead the Chicago Bears once the team strengthens the roster.