Chicago Bears: Studs and duds from Week 14 victory over the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears took on the Detroit Lions and this time they finished the game and came away with a 28-13 victory.
Detroit Lioins v Chicago Bears
Detroit Lioins v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears came out of their bye week looking to end some streaks. They wanted to finally win consecutive games in the Matt Eberflus era. Additionally, they wanted to win after the bye week. They had not won coming out of the bye weeks since 2013.

Well, they got to check both of those boxes. They played well and came away with a 28-13 victory over the Detroit Lions. It was their second consecutive win and ended their nine-game losing streak coming out of their bye weeks.

In addition to that, the Bears avenged their frustrating loss to the Lions in Week 11. They dominated that game for 55 minutes. However, they collapsed in the final five minutes and blew a 12-point lead to lose 31-26. On Sunday, however, they finished their dominance and came away with a double-digit victory.

The Bears have now won three of their last five games. They could have easily won all five but, of course, they did what the Chicago Bears are apt to do -- make frustrating errors to lose games. On Sunday, though, they did not make those mistakes.

The Chicago Bears dominated the game and finished the game to beat the Detroit Lions.

The Bears knew they gave a game away the last time they faced the Lions. They did not want a repeat of that and did whatever they could to make sure it did not happen again. The coaches were a bit more aggressive and the players were very focused so they would not make the mistakes late in the game they made in their first matchup.

It seemed like the Bears were on their way to giving up another game. They raced to a quick 10-point lead. However, they could not take advantage of a turnover and getting great field position. By halftime, they found themselves down by three points.

An excellent effort by the defense in the second half and the offense taking chances resulted in the Bears' fifth victory of the season. As frustrating as some of the games have been, they are showing that the rebuild is on the right path.

Here are some studs and duds from Chicago's Week 14 victory over the Detroit Lions.