Chicago Bears: Studs and duds from tough Week 11 loss to Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears suffered another late-game collapse in their loss to the Detroit Lions. Here are some studs and duds from the game.

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Stud: DJ Moore, Wide Receiver

The person who might have been the happiest to see Fields back on the field might have been DJ Moore. In the four games without Fields, he averaged 52.8 receiving yards per game. He had no touchdown catches. In the six games with Fields, though, he averaged 97 yards per game and had 5 touchdowns.

The duo picked up where they left off on Sunday. Moore had another big game. He had 7 catches for 96 yards and a touchdown. There was also another play that could have been a touchdown but Fields overthrew him.

Fields and Moore have been a great duo almost from the moment they had their first practice together. The Bears brought him in to be a big receiver in big games and that is exactly what he gave the team against a division rival. He came up big whenever the Bears needed him.

There was a play late in the third quarter. It was third and five. Fields dropped back and the Lions sent a big blitz. Fields was able to avoid a sack and dropped a pass to Moore. Moore was about a yard past the line of scrimmage and the defender was on top of him. Moore fought with the defender and broke loose. He ended up getting the first down. It was the toughest seven yards Moore made.

Despite the loss, hopefully Fields and Moore continue their magic together. They have a great connection and hopefully that continues.