Chicago Bears: Studs and duds from tough Week 11 loss to Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears suffered another late-game collapse in their loss to the Detroit Lions. Here are some studs and duds from the game.
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Dud: Tyler Scott, Wide Receiver

The Chicago Bears have some high hopes for rookie wide receiver Tyler Scott. He has plenty of speed to extend the defense. In college, he was a big play waiting to happen. He averaged 44.6 yards per touchdown play. Chicago wanted that to continue to happen with them. He has not, however, been too involved in the offense this season, with just 9 catches for 77 yards.

With the Bears sitting Velus Jones, Scott would be the beneficiary of more snaps. Maybe he should have gotten more snaps, but perhaps it was a bad idea to target him more than, say, Darnell Mooney.

Scott was in the middle of two huge plays in the game, and not in the good way. In the second quarter, with the Bears up 7-0, Scott caught a short pass. As he tried to run the ball, he fumbles it and Detroit recovers it at the Bears' 34. The Lions took eight plays to score and tie the game.

On the fourth quarter drive that was the last one in which the Bears had the lead, Fields dropped back. The pass was supposed to go to Moore. However, if the Lions covered Moore, then Fields was supposed to go over the top. That is exactly what happened. The Lions covered Moore so Fields went deep to Scott.

It was a perfect pass right to where only Scott could make the play. However, Scott inexplicably did not finish his route and slowed down. He dived for the ball but could not catch it. Had he just continued with his route and not slow down, he easily makes the catch without even having to dive for the ball.

As mentioned, perhaps going with Mooney on that play would make it a successful one. If the pass was completed the Bears likely win the game.