Chicago Bears: Studs and duds from tough Week 11 loss to Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears suffered another late-game collapse in their loss to the Detroit Lions. Here are some studs and duds from the game.
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Dud: Coaches Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy

This is a two-for-one since both Eberflus and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy are responsible for the gameplan. The plan was pretty good for the most time but it got too conservative late in the game.

The coaches have to continue to do what has been successful. For some reason, the Chicago Bears coaches seem to want to get more conservative as the game progresses. It appears that if they get a lead they want to sit on it and stop doing the things that got them that lead. Eberflus and Getsy are the epitome of the adage "Playing not to lose instead of playing to win."

The Bears exploded right from their first drive. They marched down the field, going 75 yards on 10 plays and using 5:37 off the clock. This is exactly what the Bears needed to do to pull the upset. Keeping the high-powered Lions offense on the bench is the best way to keep the score down.

Getsy and Eberflus appeared to be happy with settling for field goals. When you go up against an offense like what the Lions have, you have to take some chances and you have to score touchdowns and not settle for field goals.

The conservative play-calling was in full view on the Bears' final drive with the lead. After Detroit scored to make cut the Bears lead to 26-21, Chicago had the ball with 2:59 left in the game. They ended up with a three-and-out. With the Lions calling timeouts, the drive took just 26 seconds. Even if they did not score, they had to try to milk the clock. Instead, Getsy called to runs up the middle and a bomb downfield.

The ineptness of the playcalling continues to happen with the Bears despite having a number of offensive coordinators and head coaches.