Chicago Bears: Tyson Bagent attracting attention and respect

By leading the Chicago Bears to an upset victory last week, quarterback Tyson Bagent is receiving accolades and attention for his play.
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

A year ago, Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Tyson Bagent was playing in front of crowds just over 2,000 people. Now, after stepping in for starter Justin Fields, he is playing in front of crowds about 30 times bigger.

You may think that Bagent might get overwhelmed by the stage. If you do, you are wrong. Bagent's confidence shines through. The undrafted rookie understands that he isn't the most talented player in the league. To make up for that, he works harder than anyone else. When he first came in for Fields, Bagent told the coaches that they did not have to "dumb down" the playbook for him. He told them he knew it backward and forward.

With a week of practice, Bagent was able to try to get accustomed to his receivers. He has not been able to work with the starters so having an entire week to work with them helped him. he looked like a seasoned veteran against the Las Vegas Raiders. He stood in the pocket and got rid of the ball quickly. While his numbers were not spectacular (162 yards passing and a touchdown), he did not look like a deer looking into the headlights. He knew where he wanted to get the ball and got it there.

By having a nice game in Week 7, Tyson Bagent is now receiving more attention and respect.

With Bagent having a pretty good, but not spectacular, game, people around the NFL are starting to pay attention to him. Word is getting out about this confident kid who played in Division II and now looks like he wants to conquer the big leagues.

Bagent has the advantage of being in Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy's system. That system is tailor-made for him. He gets to throw a lot of screens and swing passes. He does not have to throw downfield. Getsy has struggled to have Fields run this same system.

Remember, last season the San Francisco 49ers drafted Brock Purdy with the final pick. He not only found a place on the roster but also led the Niners to the NFC Conference championship game. He became the darling of the league.

It's only been one game, but if Bagent has another pretty good game this week he could garner a lot more attention. The game is on Sunday Night Football so he will have a captive audience. It will be the only game on so those already intrigued about him will be interested. If he plays well then the attention will ramp up.

Bagent has already gained the attention and respect of his opponents, the Los Angeles Chargers. Their head coach, Brandon Staley, certainly respects him.

""If you’re good enough, the NFL will find you. Then in the preseason, certainly, he had to beat a lot of people out to become the second quarterback for Chicago. He has our full respect...You see a player who belongs and who is good enough to play quarterback in the NFL.""

Brandon Staley

Staley went on to talk about Bagent's confidence. Staley spoke about how Bagent's confidence rose as the game progressed. Since he knows the plays well, he certainly has the confidence to run them.

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Bagent will have to deal with two elite pass rushers -- Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack. Last week it was Maxx Crosby but Darnell Wright handled him all game long. Even dealing with those two, the Chargers rank last in passing yards allowed. If Bagent gets the ball to his receivers and make big plays then he could have a big game. That would then lead to him receiving a lot more attention and respect from NFL fans and experts alike.