Chicago Bears: Which potential free agents should go and which should stay?

The Chicago Bears have several potential free agents. Here is who should stay and who should be let go.
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Keep: Robert Tonyan, Tight End

Robert Tonyan is is another Green Bay Packers player who came over to Chicago. He was a good pass-catching tight end who just three seasons ago had 586 receiving yards and 11 touchdown catches. This season, though, he had just 112 yards and zero touchdown catches.

When Poles spoke about Getsy not being able to adapt to his players, many assumed that it was for how he handled Fields. However, Tonyan is another example. Getsy had him as a blocking tight end. Tonyan is more similar to Cole Kmet. They both have improved as blockers but are still mainly receiving tight ends.

With Waldron as the new offensive coordinator the Chicago Bears offense will enter the modern age. One of the things he does a lot of is use multiple tight end sets. He likes to use them and it gives the quarterback more options, especially in the red zone. No matter who is under center in 2024, he needs plenty of options.

While Tonyan did not have a big season in 2023, he could be a nice asset for the offense in 2024. He has shown that he can be a threat in the passing game when given a chance. He would still make a good TE2 option. Of course, the Bears will still look for another tight end. They can have a young tight end who can add depth to the unit and make it even stronger.

Tonyan can make big plays when the defense keys in on Kmet. Yes, Tonyan made a huge drop in a game the Bears eventually lost. However, when he is involved in the offense he can do a good job. The tight ends unit was underutilized with Getsy. Using Tonyan more can help change that.