Chicago Bears: Which potential free agents should go and which should stay?

The Chicago Bears have several potential free agents. Here is who should stay and who should be let go.
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Let Go: Justin Jones, Defensive Tackle

One of the biggest improvements for the Bears came from the interior of the defensive line. The additions of Andrew Billings, Gervon Dexter, and Zacch Pickens, to go with Justin Jones, helped the rush defense go from being ranked 31st in 2022 to #1 in 2023.

Jones was the starter at the three technique. He has been okay in that position, but not a player who moves the needle. Dexter, in his rookie season, improved in a big way as the season progressed. At the University of Florida he was asked to step back as the ball was snapped. With his quickness and athleticism, the Bears wanted him to go forward at all times. Once he made the adjustment, he was impressive.

Dexter should be able to take over as the starter. That leaves Jones on the outside. It would be a lot asking Jones to accept a new contract and move to the backup position. There should be a team out there who would love to have him. The Bears, however, could pick up a better option to back Dexter.