Chicago Bears: Which potential free agents should go and which should stay?

The Chicago Bears have several potential free agents. Here is who should stay and who should be let go.

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Let Go: Darnell Mooney, Wide Receiver

Darnell Mooney is one of the most popular players among the roster. He has made some great games and made key catches. However, his time in Chicago is likely over. As the 2023 season progressed, he played a smaller role in the offense.

The Chicago Bears offense suffered because of the struggles at the wide receiver spot. Moore was the only dependable option that Fields had. The other receivers were given their opportunities to shine but failed to do so.

Mooney was probably the most disappointing receiver. He had the worst season in his career. His previous worst was in 2022 so struggling in two consecutive seasons was not a good look for him. In 2023, he had a catch percentage of 50.8 percent. A quarterback cannot succeed targeting a receiver who only catches about half of the throws going his way.

The Bears look to update their wide receivers unit. There are a couple of options through the draft. Marvin Harrison Jr is the most popular option among the fans. However, there are a number of wide receivers available in the draft. Additionally, Poles can pick a veteran receiver via free agency.

Mooney has had his moments with the Bears but it is time for him and the team to part ways.