Chiefs Rumors: 5 trade deadline deals that would break the NFL

If the rich got richer like the Chiefs would in these deals, the NFL world would explode
Kansas City Chiefs, Courtland Sutton
Kansas City Chiefs, Courtland Sutton / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Marquise Brown checks in to do his best Tyreek Hill impression

Another wide receiver the Chiefs could choose to pursue is one that may or may not be available for trade. The Arizona Cardinals are a team that will likely finish with a bottom-five record in the league this season, and their future is far from clear.

We don't know just how committed they are to Kyler Murray, and if they landed a top-5 pick, who knows where they would go from there. The Cardinals could end up being sellers at the deadline, as they appeared to be before the season began as well.

Wide receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown is an interesting possibility. His contract is up after this year, therefore he might come a lot cheaper than he did when Arizona originally acquired him. Brown is quietly having a decent year, despite catching passes from Joshua Dobbs and not Murray.

In Kansas City, Brown's best trait would come in handy as a guy who could offer Mahomes something that Tyreek Hill once did: speed. Brown's straight-line speed is top-notch, and he'd give the Chiefs' offensea legit threat on the outside.