Chiefs Rumors: 5 trade deadline deals that would break the NFL

If the rich got richer like the Chiefs would in these deals, the NFL world would explode
Kansas City Chiefs, Courtland Sutton
Kansas City Chiefs, Courtland Sutton / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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5. The Chiefs make a deal within the division for Courtland Sutton

This last one is maybe the most unlikely, because the last thing the Denver Broncos want to do is help a division rival. But, the Broncos are in selling mode. And, if the Chiefs were to present the best possible offer for a guy like Courtland Sutton, the Broncos would have to listen.

Like a guy in Hopkins, Sutton is a big, dominant outside presence. Sutton is three inches taller than Hopkins, though, and gives Mahomes an even larger target on the outside.

Despite the Broncos being a bad team, Sutton is on pace for a career year at this point. Through seven weeks, he has five receiving touchdowns, which is one short of his career-best of six. His catch percentage is over 72 percent, which is also a career high. He's been oustanding in 2023 and would become the Chiefs' no. 1 option upon arrival.

For Sutton to become a Chief, though, it would probably take a high Day 2 pick. He has two years left on his contract after this season and, at 28 years old, is in the thick of his prime. The Broncos wouldn't just worry about Kansas City winning it all this year, but for the next couple of seasons to come with the help of Sutton.

Which of these would be the biggest deal to go down? It's safe to say that all of them would send the football world into a frenzy, with Mahomes and the Chiefs likely en route to another ring.