3 trades Chiefs might regret not making before deadline

Why didn't the Chiefs go out and address their biggest need?
Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid
Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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2. A trade for Jerry Jeudy

Surprisingly, the Denver Broncos didn't end up trading either one of their wide receivers who had been in nonstop rumors. Both Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton stayed put. Maybe the Broncos had some newfound faith after beating these Chiefs in Week 8.

But, the Chiefs should have been aggressive in pursuing Jeudy. His outside presence could have really helped the offense as a whole. Rookie Rashee Rice functions very well on short and intermediate routes, making moves after the catch. Jeudy being on the outside and more of a downfield guy could have opened things up further for someone like Rice.

Jeudy is also still under contract for one more year after this season, making him an attractive buy for a team like the Chiefs, who wouldn't necessarily have to pay him.

Of course, the Chiefs probably would have had to overpay for someone like Jeudy, seeing as he is in the same division. Denver wouldn't give him up for a similar package they would have accepted from a team outside the AFC West.

Still, having traded for Jeudy could have given Mahomes a legitimate WR1 option on the outside.