3 trades Chiefs might regret not making before deadline

Why didn't the Chiefs go out and address their biggest need?
Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid
Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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3. A trade for Marquise Brown

The Arizona Cardinals are a very interesting team going forward. Kyler Murray is going to come back soon, and thus might help them to a few more wins on the year, taking them out of consideration for the no. 1 overall pick next spring.

But, the Cardinals could also choose to move on from Murray, as some have felt possible. Their future is truly a question mark, and that's why it wouldn't have been a surprise to see them move on from wide receiver Marquise Brown at the right price.

In the last year of his current contract, Brown was a name many of us were watching but ultimately didn't get moved. His staying put followed a trend of all the major offensive names not being dealt, in a surprising turn of events.

Still, Brown's speed would have been fun to watch in Kansas City. The Chiefs haven't had someone like Tyreek Hill since trading him to Miami, and Brown would be the closest thing they've seen. Similar to Jeudy, Brown's ability to win downfield would have opened things up for Rice and Kelce.

Instead, the Chiefs are banking on Mahomes doing his thing and, hopefully, the rookie, Rice, continues on the upward trajectory.