Clear trend among NFL playoff teams should send major signal to struggling franchises

There's a clear trend here...
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages

And it's no coincidence. Among all of the NFL teams currently in a playoff spot in 2023, there is a clear trend that other struggling teams need to take clear note of. The NFL has warped into a QB-first offense-first league over the 21st century, and some people seem to not like it while others seem to love it.

NFL rules and penalties also seem to benefit the offense more than anything, but that is a different topic for a different day. Teams are becoming way more aggressive in trying to find a franchise QB and build the best possible roster. Not only do teams have to get the QB right, but they also must get the head coach right.

The quarterback seems to be slightly more valuable to a team than a head coach, but both need to be solidified if a team wants to win. Well, let's just take a look at the current NFL playoff teams, as a clear trend is present. Here is each team and their respective head coaches:

Baltimore Ravens - John Harbaugh
Miami Dolphins - Mike McDaniel
Kansas City Chiefs - Andy Reid
Jacksonville Jaguars - Doug Pederson
Cleveland Browns - Kevin Stefanski
Cincinnati Bengals - Zac Taylor
Indianapolis Colts - Shane Steichen

San Francisco 49ers - Kyle Shanahan
Dallas Cowboys - Mike McCarthy
Detroit Lions - Dan Campbell
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Todd Bowles
Philadelphia Eagles - Nick Sirianni
Minnesota Vikings - Kevin O'Connell
Los Angeles Rams - Sean McVay

Of the 14 playoff spots at this point in the 2023 NFL Season, 12 of them are teams that have offensive-minded head coaches. This is no coincidence, gang, and this is trend that has been present for years now. NFL teams who have struggled for years need to look at this trend and try to copy it.

Sure, each team is also getting, to an extent, solid QB play, but the head coaches being overwhelmingly offense-minded is not a coincidence. I think teams who are in need of a new head coach in 2024 and beyond should try to copy this trend. And yes, teams have hired offensive head coaches many times in recent memory, only for them to simply not be head coach material, but that happens.

I do think teams need to hire the right head coach for the team, regardless of their side of the ball, but taking note of the offensive head coaches dominating right now is something that needs to be talked about.