Could the Chicago Bears go for someone other than Justin Fields or Caleb Williams?

While the intensity of the Chicago Bears debate at quarterback is Caleb Williams or Justin Fields could they opt for a different quarterback?

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Drake Maye, North Carolina

Could Poles try to test fate? In 2017, the Chicago Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky, a quarterback out of North Carolina, to be their franchise quarterback. They did so despite having Patrick Mahomes available. Mahomes went n to become one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history while Trubisky failed to stick to his third team.

Would Poles avoid selecting a prospect compared to Mahomes for a similar quarterback from North Carolina? Even though Poles was not the one who picked Trubisky over Mahomes (he was actually the beneficiary since he was with the Kansas City Chiefs at the time), that decision weighs heavily on the franchise.

The similarities between Trubisky and Maye are there in a few ways. They are both big, strong, athletic quarterbacks who, while are mainly pocket passers, can use their legs. Their final seasons were similar as well. Maye threw for 3,608 yards on a 63.3 percent completion rate, logging 24 touchdowns to nine interceptions. In one more game played, Trubisky threw for 3,748 yards on a 68 percent completion rate, logging 30 touchdowns to just six interceptions.

Poles likely won't make a move that could be a repeat of one of the worst moves in franchise history. This is too close to what happened in 2017. If he selects Maye and one of the other quarterbacks hit it big, it will cost him his job.