Could the Chicago Bears go for someone other than Justin Fields or Caleb Williams?

While the intensity of the Chicago Bears debate at quarterback is Caleb Williams or Justin Fields could they opt for a different quarterback?

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JJ McCarthy, Michigan

Here is a wacky scenario -- Poles trades the top pick for a haul. Then he also trades Fields and gets even more picks. After that, he decides to go for JJ McCarthy. McCarthy just led the Michigan Wolverines to the College Football Championship.

Unlike the other quarterback prospects, McCarthy is not flashy. He doesn't exhibit elite talent. What he does, however, is show solid talent in nearly every category. He is a smart quarterback who makes the right plays. If you need him to make a big play he could do it. He won't be the best quarterback in the world, but he could still win you games.

If Poles trades both the top pick and Fields, he will have great draft picks to use not only this year but also in the upcoming drafts. From last year's trade, he will still own a draft pick through 2025. He can load up even more and use those picks to add depth or trade them for veterans. At any case, the roster will be strong for years to come.

Additionally, having a strong roster surrounding him would be perfect for McCarthy. He could do the same job he did at Michigan -- make the right play choices and win games. He might not grab all the attention, but he will win you a lot of games. and come up big in big situations.