Could the Chicago Bears go for someone other than Justin Fields or Caleb Williams?

While the intensity of the Chicago Bears debate at quarterback is Caleb Williams or Justin Fields could they opt for a different quarterback?

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Jayden Daniels, LSU

This is an interesting case. For many who don't feel Williams is the top of this class, they point out to Jayden Daniels as being the one. They argue he has all of the skills Williams has and he can run like Fields. Furthermore, he was the best quarterback playing in the best conference in the nation, the SEC.

Daniels is the type of quarterback who works hard to improve every year. Early in his career, he had a problem with turnovers. He came back and had the lowest turnover percentage of his career. He also had one of the lowest turnover-worthy plays in the nation. In 2022, he had trouble handling pressure and getting the ball downfield. In 2023, he played superbly under pressure and at a career-best level throwing downfield.

Taking instruction and acknowledging his deficiencies, then working hard to improve on them, is an invaluable skill. Teams see that and would love to have him.

One of the criticisms of Fields is his inability to read defenses. Daniels is different there. He receives praise for his ability to read defenses quickly and look off defenders. He makes precise passes and puts the ball where only the receiver can make the play.


Daniels culminated his college career by winning the Heisman Trophy. He has been rising every season and is ready to take his skills to the next level. He has already shown that he works hard to improve every year. If Poles does decide to eschew both Williams and Fields, Daniels would be a great choice.