Cowboys rumors: 4 last-minute trades Dallas can make to catch Eagles

Could the Cowboys surprise the league and make a big trade deadline deal?
Dallas Cowboys, Davante Adams
Dallas Cowboys, Davante Adams / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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4. A shocker for Davante Adams

Finally, we come to more of a rumor and "what if?" type of scenario, proposed by a former NFL general manager recently.

If the Cowboys pulled off the ultimate shocker and landed Davante Adams, they would undoubtedly have the best wide receiver duo in football. Vikings, Bengals and Eagles fans could argue, sure, but Dallas would be absolutely stacked. They would be borderline unstoppable.

Adams is unhappy in Las Vegas, and the Raiders are headed for mediocrity at best, this season. He once thought the Raiders were going to be his long-term home, until the team allowed one of his best friends and his college quarterback, Derek Carr, to head out of town.

Now, Adams is left on a team that doesn't have an answer at quarterback and looks to be closer to a rebuild than they are competing. The cost for Adams would be high, and of course the Cowboys would have to figure out how to make the contract work.

But, if it happened ... oh boy.