4 Cowboys who might lose their jobs after Wild Card meltdown, and where they'll land

Heads could roll.
Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy
Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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That's ... not exactly how the Dallas Cowboys planned out their Sunday afternoon.

Losing in the Wild Card round to the Green Bay Packers, the Cowboys now enter an earlier offseason than they anticipated.

And, if we know anything about Jerry Jones, we can expect some drastic measures in the coming days. Just how drastic, though?

There are some names to watch in the next few days and weeks; guys who could wind up losing their jobs in some fashion. Which names should we watch? Let's cover just a handful.

1. Johnathan Hankins, DL

Defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins has been known as a strong run defender at times during his career, but after this last season and, specifically, what the Packers did to him on Sunday, he is as good as gone. Hankins is going on 32 years old and his contract is up.

There is no doubt he is going to be allowed to walk. The Cowboys gave up 143 rushing yards in that one, including 118 yards to Aaron Jones, alone. Hankins was a big reason why, and fans shouldn't be surprised. He did, after all, end with a run defense grade of 49.9 on the season per Pro Football Focus.

Hankins' performance, and the Cowboys' line's performance overall, was right on par though. On the season, their run defense wasn't exactly elite. They gave up over 112 yards per game on the ground. Dallas needs to revamp their interior line just a bit in order to resolve this issue going into next season.

Where could Hankins wind up in free agency? It might take a while for him to get signed based on his age and how his play looked this year, but possibly a contending team that simply needs added depth.