Denver Broncos take Bo Nix and put entire AFC on notice for 2024 and beyond

Some might laugh at the pick, but Bo Nix is the perfect fit for the Denver Broncos.
NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos took the sixth QB of the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, selecting Bo Nix with their 12th overall selection. There were already five QBs off the board by the time the Broncos were set to make their 12th pick.

Well, the Broncos did not trade down and obviously did not trade up, but decided to stay put and take Bo Nix, who could be taking snaps in 2024 from his former college teammate, Broncos center Alex Forsyth. Nix fits Sean Payton's offense like a glove, frankly, and he'll surely be their Week 1 starter for the 2024 NFL Season.

Here's the thing; at the end of the day, it does not matter what the so-called "expert" draft minds have their QBs ranked. What matters for these teams is who they have at the top of their boards. And according to Benjamin Allbright, the Denver Broncos had Bo Nix as their third-ranked QB, which is very high.

For Denver, they not only have a rookie QB, but now have someone who at least gives them a chance at succeeding for the long-term. With Zach Wilson coming aboard the other day, the Denver Broncos QB room looks a ton different, as I would bet that Wilson settles into the QB2 role while Nix earns the starting job.

For head coach Sean Payton, he gets his first swing at a QB since being hired as the Denver Broncos head coach. He tried to make it work with Russell Wilson for 2023, but it clearly was not working. With Nix on the team, Payton now has a promising prospect who fits what he likes to run on offense.

And after years of washed-up veteran quarterbacks, the Broncos finally take a first-round QB for the first time since taking Paxton Lynch back in 2016, the year after they won Super Bowl 50.