Describing each team in the NFL in one word ahead of the 2024 NFL Season

Let's describe each team in the NFL with one word.
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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Las Vegas Raiders - Pathetic

Let's see, here. So, the Las Vegas Raiders

-Hired a failed, re-tread general manager
-Prematurely hired a position coach as the permanent head coach
-Gave a backup QB way too much money
-Didn't draft a QB in the NFL Draft

What has this team done right this offseason? Virtually nothing.

Los Angeles Chargers - Harbaugh

The LA Chargers won the years-long war to hire Jim Harbaugh back into the NFL. It's all about Harbaugh for the Chargers. Can he turn this cursed team around for the long-term?

Los Angeles Rams - Improved

After a breakout 2023 season, the Los Angeles Rams re-made their secondary, invested into their offensive line, and beefed up their defensive line as Aaron Donald is no longer in the picture. Objectively speaking, the Rams are an improved team.

Miami Dolphins - Fun

I love the all-in approach from Chris Grier, who did lose some players in free agency, but has never been afraid to make a move. The Miami Dolphins are again going to be a fun team in 2024, but can they perform late in the season? That still needs proven.

Minnesota Vikings - Eh

Like, the Vikings are fine, I guess. JJ McCarthy might end up sitting behind Sam Darnold for a season, so they might not be a fun team until 2025. The roster outside of QB is also kind of "eh," so the Vikings might end up being a boring team to follow in 2024.

New England Patriots - Basement-dwellers

Arguably the worst and least-talented team in the NFL, the New England Patriots are in store for another brutal season. The Drake Maye selection and Mike Onwenu re-signing were there two good moves this offseason. But man, this team is years away at this point and again might pick in the top five in next year's draft.

New Orleans Saints - Why?

Why have the New Orleans Saints not yet embraced blowing it up? The team should have done just that when Sean Payton left, but they decided to invest way too much money into Derek Carr. This team is not equipped to win more than nine games in a season. What are they trying to accomplish?

New York Giants - Flawed

With a bad offensive line, no proven WR1 yet, and no franchise QB in sight, calling the New York Giants flawed might actually be a compliment. The process from GM Joe Schoen is odd, and I am not sure what he's trying to build as the franchise heads into year three with Schoen as the GM and Brian Daboll as the head coach.