DJ Moore admits Bears players knew Justin Fields trade was inevitable

DJ Moore was a huge fan of Justin Fields as were many of the Chicago Bears players, but the team needed to get better and moving on from Fields was the only move to make
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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We all knew this. Justin Fields was loved by the Chicago Bears and the fans. His own teammates felt he was a good kid. But he couldn't win.

The record was not pretty, and with the Bears having the No. 1 overall pick AND a chance to really remake the franchise, the team could not afford to trade away the pick again like they had done a year prior. DJ Moore knew that, and even said so. The players saw it coming.

What else could Moore have said. Fields was put in a bad spot to begin with, and that starts with former GM Ryan Pace and former HC Matt Nagy. They messed it up, and then Ryan Poles had to clean up the mess while essentially sacrificing Fields' career in Chicago. Now Fields is in Pittsburgh and the Caleb Williams era has begun for the Bears.

DJ Moore and the Chicago Bears learned that in order to win now and win in the future, they would have to move on from Justin Fields

These types of decisions are hard for any franchise, but for the Bears, they had to make a decision that was best for the franchise and not be swayed by the fanbase that is used to celebrating mediocrity. That's what the Bears have been for years. Mediocre or worse. It looks like brighter times are ahead, but time will tell if it's 100% true.

In the meantime, the Bears will have to continue to prove that they are getting better, and the move to send Justin Fields away and bring in Caleb Williams is the best move for the franchise. The blame should be placed at Ryan Pace for not doing enough to help Justin Fields and Ryan Poles had to spend the last few years working to clean up the mess and build a proper roster.

Fields had to bear the bad moments and take the punishment, but at the end of the day, hard times lead to prosperity. The Bears can only hope that Caleb Williams does enough to ensure the Bears win the Super Bowl and not be like the Bengals, Eagles, or 49ers and get to the big game only to fall in the waning seconds. The Bears want to win, and maybe, just maybe, Caleb Williams is the guy to make it happen. It required losing Justin Fields, but DJ Moore and the crew would rather have rings than losses.

Caleb Williams already has Bears fans thinking about the Lombardi Trophy. Caleb Williams already has Bears fans thinking about the Lombardi Trophy. dark. Next