Dolphins head coach just proved why his team will never make progress in AFC

Talk about overdoing it!
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins have had extremely talented rosters over the last couple of seasons, but it has not led to the success they had hoped. And stuff like this might be why. The Dolphins have quickly "earned" the title of not being able to play in cold weather.

And it's an accurate label. This team would go 17-0 if each game was in Miami in the late summer months. Well, NFL teams are made late in the season when the weather gets cold and the conditions overall are just miserable. Now to be fair, the Dolphins are a good football team and have a better roster than most, but this recent revalation by head coach Mike McDaniel is just flat-out silliness:

Yes, the last time the Miami Dolphins won a playoff game, it was 2000, when I was personally just three years old. Anyway, it's been a painful stretch for 'Phins fans, but they do seem to have something brewing in a good way. McDaniel is 20-14 through two seasons as the Dolphins head coach.

Averaging a 10-7 record is quite impressive, but he's also 0-2 in the postseason. Apparently, in a huge overcompensation, the Dolphins are now apparently making it a point to end meetings at the 24th minute of the hour, in an apparently symbolic meaning indicating how many years it's been since they won their last playoff game.

This is just silliness. What is this going to do besides getting them blasted by the NFL world? How does this help anything? Is the 24th minute of each hour going to suit up on gamedays for the Dolphins? Mike McDaniel has certainly gained a reputation of being a quirky mind at the HC position in the NFL. He's got this "dude-bro" personality about him that you commonly find in college-aged folks.

And this latest charade only proves just how unserious the Miami Dolphins are and how they'll never make legitimate progress in the AFC.