Early 2024 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 1 games

Making way-too-early predictions for the Week 1 slate of NFL games in 2024
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Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars


Both the Dolphins and Jaguars are still cleaning up the puddle that was left after they each peed their respective seasons down their leg in 2023.

It was not a pretty sight to see for either franchise.

The Dolphins were one of the NFL's most exciting teams for most of the season, throwing up a 70-point game early in the year against the Denver Broncos, and setting new records for the on-field GPS speed measurements each week. And then as quickly as they appeared at the top of everyone's power rankings, they disappeared as soon as they were forced to go to Kansas City for the playoffs.

The Jaguars started the year hot as well, winning eight of their first 11 games and looking like they were establishing themselves as one of the NFL's best up-and-coming teams.

And just like the Dolphins’ season fizzled out, so did the Jaguars’ season. It was an ugly end to the year as the Texans came roaring up the standings and took the Jaguars completely out of the playoffs.

Both of these teams are in need of bounce-back years. As of right now, the Dolphins are the better team on paper, but you can’t help but be intrigued by what kind of impact having an actual defensive coordinator in Ryan Nielson could do for the Jaguars overall.

I’m taking the Dolphins and their track team to win this Week 1 matchup.

Prediction: Dolphins win 34-24