Early 2024 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 1 games

Making way-too-early predictions for the Week 1 slate of NFL games in 2024
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New England Patriots @ Cincinnati Bengals


It’s a new era for the New England Patriots heading into 2024. We’ll see Bill Belichick this year, but it will be as a TV analyst and not on the sidelines as the head coach of the Patriots. Tom Brady is getting roasted and trying to become an owner of the Raiders.

It’s wild times, indeed.

The Patriots are now under the captainship of Jerod Mayo, who has been seemingly waiting in the wings for this role for quite some time. Mayo is inheriting a really good defense and a rebuilding project on offense. As talented as 3rd overall pick Drake Maye is, it seems like Mayo and the Patriots are going to take it slow with him. I would be shocked if this game wasn’t Joe Burrow vs. Jacoby Brissett, the grizzled veteran journeyman who is making his return to New England.

Speaking of returns, we’re all eagerly anticipating the return of Joe Burrow in 2024. Burrow missed a lot of last season due to a ligament injury in his wrist, and frankly, the injuries have been piling up for him.

How much different will this Bengals team look with Brian Callahan now the head coach of the Titans? Will Burrow be able to hit the ground running?

I’ve got the Bengals winning this game, but it might be a bit of a struggle because of that Patriots defense.

Prediction: Bengals win 23-10