ESPN's Adam Schefter preparing us for a merciless NFL Black Monday

Adam Schefter warns of a Black Monday with 7-10 teams firing coaches in 2024...
Adam Schefter, NFL
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In the NFL, Black Monday is the day after the end of the regular season in which many teams pull the trigger on decisions that have likely been months in the making. While most teams won't fire coaches in-season, teams have likely already made these decisions well before the season has ended, and ESPN's Adam Schefter undoubtedly already knows about it.

With just six weeks remaining in the 2023-24 season, Schefter has gone on record as saying he's taking the "over" when asked about 7-10 teams making changes at their head coach position this coming offseason. After watching only five teams make head coach changes in 2023, it would be fascinating to see nearly a third of the league reshuffle the deck in 2024.

And while firing coaches in-season isn't overly common, we've already seen the Las Vegas Raiders and Carolina Panthers do it. If Adam Schefter is taking the over, then the craziness has only just begun...

So, which NFL teams will be making head coaching changes in the 2024 offseason? Let's take a look at roughly 10 names to watch.

1. Carolina Panthers

This one we already know. Frank Reich has been given his walking papers already. It's set in stone that the Carolina Panthers will be looking for a new head coach in 2024.

2. Las Vegas Raiders

Interim head coach Antonio Pierce has done a pretty tremendous job, but the Raiders will be looking for a new head coach in 2024 after firing Josh McDaniels already.

3. Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers are underachieving and failing to meet or exceed expectations. Stop me if you've heard this song before...Brandon Staley feels like he's already on borrowed time. I think this one is a layup barring the Chargers winning out to end the season.

4. Chicago Bears

Matt Ebeflus is a good defensive mind, but he's not cut out to be a head coach. The Bears need to get someone else in that building to turn that team around.

5. Washington Commanders

I think we've seen the writing on the wall here for some time. The Commanders made trades to get rid of Montez Sweat and Chase Young at the deadline, and they just fired Jack Del Rio (defensive coordinator). I think Ron Rivera is firmly on the hot seat.

6. New Orleans Saints

Dennis Allen is another really good defensive mind, but is he a head coach? The Saints are another team that I think will look to make a bigger splash this offseason for their next head coach as Dennis Allen has tried to hold down the fort in the post-Sean Payton era.

7. Atlanta Falcons

There has been plenty of tension between NFL/Falcons fans and head coach Arthur Smith. Smith and Falcons GM Terry Fontenot have been twiddling their thumbs at the QB position and that may cost them a shot to see this rebuilding project through to full fruition.

8. Buffalo Bills

It's crazy to think that this could be the case, but the Buffalo Bills have been one of the NFL's biggest disappointments this season. They could absolutely look to make a head coaching change off of Sean McDermott, who has had this team mostly in contention since he was hired.

9. New York Jets

I really like Robert Saleh as a coach and I think he's going to call a great defense wherever he goes, but the decision to stick with Zach Wilson this season after the Aaron Rodgers injury is unforgivable. The decision to hire Nathaniel Hackett as OC is almost on the same level. Saleh is going to have to answer for the Jets' offensive collapse, even as much of it was out of his control.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I think it's reasonable to guess that the Bucs could clean house after this season and go into full rebuilding mode. My guess is that Todd Bowles won't have a problem latching on elsewhere.

11. New England Patriots

Could the Bill Belichick era be coming to an end?

NFL / Elsa/GettyImages

You could make arguments for other teams like the Titans, but I don't think they'll fire Mike Vrabel. What about the New York Giants? I think there's too much out of Brian Daboll's control this season and he took that team to the playoffs in his first year on the job.


At any rate, the fact that nearly one-third of the league could potentially be looking for new head coaches is insane. It is going to make for crazy competition in that market with perhaps long, drawn out processes. Rich ownership will help, but stability and situation will likely be the biggest factors for drawing potential head coaches to these destinations.

It could also mean a big year for in-house promotions, like Jerod Mayo taking over for Belichick in New England, possibly someone like Ryan Nielson taking over in Atlanta, and others like that. At any rate, buckle up for a wild offseason.

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