How does the Washington Commanders' defense fare against the rest of the NFC East?

Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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How do the Washington Commanders stack up against the other defenses of the NFC East?

The Washington Commanders have had one of the more disappointing defenses in recent years. As they enter each season, the expectations are always high. However, the unit never seems to live up to the billing.

This offseason, the entire team was revamped. The Commanders brought in a new front office. That front office brought in new coaches. And together, they built a completely different roster in Washington.

We saw the team part ways with talent such as Kam Curl. There was a mass release of talent. Then new players were brought in through free agency, with Washington making a few decent splashes. Of course, the NFL Draft also brought in a few more potential pieces.

The overall vibe seems to be a positive one when it comes to how others viewed Washington's offseason moves. There were some doubters about a few veterans they brought in. However, it's hard to argue that they didn't make solid improvements in areas that desperately needed a facelift.

Through all that, Washington is looking to get back to the top of the NFC East, which they haven't done often over the last three decades.

Earlier, we looked at how the Commanders stacked up with the other three teams in their division on the offensive side of the ball. We went through each position and ranked the four teams.

Now we're doing the same thing for the defense. Does the offseason hype for Washington once again put them near the top of the NFC East when it comes to defense? If so, do they have the talent to actually pull it off this year?