Jerry Jeudy's shocking extension just made other wide receivers very happy

Seeing Jerry Jeudy get $19 million per year might be great news for other WRs in line for extensions soon.

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns made a puzzling decision to extend WR Jerry Jeudy to the tune of $19 million per year, and other WRs in line for deals should be very happy. And I'm not just talking about WRs who are set to sign extensions near the top of the market, but also just in general, wide receivers who might be due for a free agent contract or contract extension.

The contract can be worth up to $19 million per year, which ranks inside the top-20 in terms of average salary per year. And it's a bit of a puzzling deal for the Browns, as Jeudy has never had a 1,000-yard receiving season and has a career catch percentage of less than 60%. However, for other wide receivers, this deal should only up their asking prices.

But who, among perhaps others, would this help?

CeeDee Lamb

Taken in the same draft as Jeudy, Lamb has hauled in an exceptional 395 receptions for 5,145 yards and 32 touchdowns across his first four seasons. For reference, Jeudy has caught 211 passes for 3,053 yards and just 11 scores.

Justin Jefferson

Easily the best WR in the NFL, Justin Jefferson has nearly 6,000 receiving yards and 30 TD catches through his first four seasons.

Tee Higgins

Currently on the franchise tag, Higgins has 3,684 receiving yards and 24 TD passes, also from the same draft as Jeudy.

Brandon Aiyuk

With 3,931 receiving yards and 25 TD catches, Aiyuk may find himself on a new team in 2024, as the San Francisco 49ers might not be able to extend their stud pass catcher.

All four of these players came from the same draft as Jeudy, back in 2020. All four have had better statistical production than Jeudy, and all four are due for long-term contract extensions. With Jeudy's deal, you have to wonder if these players and their agents just drove up the price for their own contracts.

2021 NFL Draft

There are some players from the 2021 NFL Draft who are now eligible for contract extensions at WR, and they've all had better production than Jeudy

Ja'Marr Chase

With 3,717 yards and 29 TD through his first three seasons, Ja'Marr Chase is among the five best wide receivers in the NFL and is in line for a contract extension.

Amon-Ra St. Brown

3,588 yards and 21 touchdowns is what Amon-Ra St. Brown has produced through three years in the NFL and could sign a long-term deal with the Detroit Lions this offseason.

Jaylen Waddle

3,385 yards and 18 touchdowns through three years is what Jaylen Waddle has produced, and even with the Miami Dolphins already having one huge WR contract in Tyreek Hill, Waddle could still cash in this offseason.

DeVonta Smith

3,178 yards and 19 touchdowns is what DeVonta Smith has produced, and it's included two-straight years eclipsing 1,000 receiving yards. He could sign a contract extension this offseason as well.

With Jeudy getting nearly $20 million per season, you have to figure that the absolute floor for this group of WRs is $25 million per year. Guys like Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb might be able to now easily get more than $30 million per year. In my opinion, a good NFL player agent is able to use other player contracts as leverage to help their own clients.

"You see that Jeudy just signed for this much, and my client is much more productive, so this is where we're at."

Heck, it might go something like that, but you have to assume that Jerry Jeudy signing for way more than most of us thought will do nothing but help other WRs in line for paydays.