Jets poised to again be among NFL's most dramatic teams after Aaron Rodgers update

Here we go again.
New York Jets OTA Offseason Workout
New York Jets OTA Offseason Workout / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The New York Jets franchise simply cannot help themselves, as they again seem poised to be among the NFL's most dramatic teams in 2024. You have to applaud the Jets for their commitment to the bit, as it seems like them being the center of attention in 2023 was not enough for them. News broke recently that Jets' QB Aaron Rodgers would not be present for the team's minicamp:

So yeah, this is where we are at. Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles just a handful of plays into the 2023 NFL Season, which ended their year before it really begin. Between the Achilles tear, Rodgers "Darkness Retreat," and him flirting with the idea of returning from the injury during the season, Rodgers and the Jets simply cannot stay out of the spotlight, and it's in a bad way.

Rodgers missing minicamp is going to have a huge impact on the New York Jets season, as these are valuable reps with his teammates, some of them new, that he is missing. Also, the Jets will go as Aaron Rodgers goes, so him not being there already puts them at a disadvantage.

Robert Saleh, the team's head coach, also probably gave too much information about the absence. So now, everyone is running with this story, and as you could expect, the New York Jets are once again the center of attention. Beyond New York, the AFC is a juggernaut, and if Rodgers could play close to his MVP self from 2020 and 2021, this team could go far.

New York has a lethal defense and enough pieces on offense to make a deep playoff run, so Rodgers not being present for minicamp sets the team back that. Colin Cowherd reported that we will apparently know where Rodgers is at soon, so when that is revealed, even more drama could come with it.