5 changes Chiefs need to make before it's too late

Losers in three of their last five games, the Chiefs have to figure it out.
Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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It seems like forever ago that the Kansas City Chiefs started the season 6-1.

Now, sitting at 8-4, Kansas City is only a couple of games ahead of the Denver Broncos, and they're lucky Denver lost this week.

With dropping their Sunday night matchup to the Green Bay Packers, the Chiefs are looking some serious problems in the face. But, most of them are correctable. Five things, in particular, need to change in order for the Chiefs to ensure another Super Bowl run.

1. Shore up tackling

Defensively, the Chiefs gave up the most points they've given up all season long. We've all heard that by now. And, objectively speaking, 27 points is not a death sentence by any means. That means they have yet to give up 30 points in a single game, which is impressive.

But, it also means they've set a standard; a standard which they broke on Sunday night. A lot of the issues came from a lack of tackling. Missed tackles were all over the place, especially when defending the run. The Chiefs have to be better. They know this. Steve Spanguolo cannot stand for another mediocre performance from his unit, especially when the offense has yet to shine on a consistent basis.