5 changes Chiefs need to make before it's too late

Losers in three of their last five games, the Chiefs have to figure it out.

Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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4. Fix the run defense, and in a hurry

Against the Packers, the Chiefs allowed 5.2 yards per carry to a team that was without Aaron Jones and featured A.J. Dillon as their lead back. Dillon has not been good this year, by the way. He's a free agent after this season and has done nothing to warrant being brought back. Green Bay was also forced to play their third string back, Patrick Taylor, who ripped off a couple of chunk runs as well.

The Chiefs have allowed over 5.0 yards per rush in three out of their last four games and have also given up at least 114 yards on the ground in those contests as well. On the season, we all know how good the Kansas City defense has been overall. But, the fact of the matter is, they are in the lower half of the league against the run.

Come playoff time, that's when defenses are at their best. That's when offenses are supposed to be at their best. The Chiefs know this. They are going to run into a squad like the Baltimore Ravens or the Miami Dolphins and get absolutely trounced on the ground, at this rate. Those two teams are the top two teams in the league when it comes to running the ball, and Kansas City has not been good as of late.

This is an area they have to fix, and fix it now. Coming up, they'll go against a Buffalo team that's also top-10 in rushing.