5 offensive coordinators Chiefs need to hire to replace Matt Nagy in 2024

The Chiefs should already be looking ahead, just a tad.

Kansas City Chiefs, Matt Nagy
Kansas City Chiefs, Matt Nagy / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Brian Griese, Quarterbacks Coach, San Francisco 49ers

Looking at other head coaches the Chiefs should be plucking from in terms of finding an offensive coordinator, the San Francisco 49ers are up next. Kyle Shanahan is maybe the smartest offensive mind in football, and anyone learning beneath him should feel extremely lucky for the route their career is going to go.

Former NFL quarterback Brian Griese could be another one of Shanahan's pupils to go on and become a coordinator and potentially a head coach. He obviously knows the most important position in football and played it at a relatively high level for several years. Now, in San Francisco, he has been instrumental in the development of Brock Purdy.

We don't need to dive too deep into the numbers, but Purdy ranks in the top five in passing yards, touchdowns, rating, QBR, and completion percentage, leading in a couple of those categories. Although Griese could be on his way to earning a coordinator role, he'd also continue learning a ton under Andy Reid and alongside Patrick Mahomes. This would be yet another strong hire.