5 offensive coordinators Chiefs need to hire to replace Matt Nagy in 2024

The Chiefs should already be looking ahead, just a tad.
Kansas City Chiefs, Matt Nagy
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4. Darrell Bevell, Passing Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach, Miami Dolphins

A long-time offensive coordinator who has worked for multiple NFL franchises in that role, Darrell Bevell is now under Mike McDaniel in Miami. In the spirit of mentioning other top, offensive minds, McDaniel certainly fits that bill as well. If I'm an NFL team looking for an offensive coordinator, I'd be looking to hire from McDaniel, Shanahan or McVay at the moment.

Miami's passing attack still ranks number one in the league going into Week 18 and Tua Tagovailoa has taken big strides in his development since Bevell and McDaniel (among others) came over at the start of the 2022 offseason.

It would be a little ironic hiring a coordinator from the team you traded Tyreek Hill, I must say. The Chiefs' offense misses Hill's presence dearly, and no matter how hard they try, Kansas City will not be able to replace what he brought to that unit.

But, that's likely a priority going into the offseason, whenever that might happen. The Chiefs will need to get themselves an alpha presence at wide receiver, along with a new offensive coordinator. Could it be Bevell?