5 offensive coordinators Chiefs need to hire to replace Matt Nagy in 2024

The Chiefs should already be looking ahead, just a tad.
Kansas City Chiefs, Matt Nagy
Kansas City Chiefs, Matt Nagy / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Andy Reid

Look, we can be honest, here. Do the Chiefs really need an offensive coordinator? Do they need someone other than Andy Reid calling the plays?

Hello? We're talking about one of the greatest offensive minds, with a long history of success on that side of the ball, that the league has ever seen. There are plenty of head coaches who have called plays on either side of the ball, in the past, and haven't necessarily labeled a coordinator for said job.

The Chiefs could go that route, if they really wanted to. Why pay a guy to come in and do a job that Reid can do, and probably do it better than they could? He'd just be standing there with a clipboard, looking pretty while Reid and Mahomes do the dirty work.

It is more of an unorthodox move, but I wouldn't put it past the Chiefs to put Reid back in charge of the offensive play-calling and foregoing the offensive coordinator hire altogether.

It doesn't matter what they do, though. If the Chiefs don't fire Matt Nagy, nothing is going to change.