6 Chiefs players who don't deserve to be on the roster anymore

This Chiefs team has some serious problems.

Kansas City Chiefs, Kadarius Toney
Kansas City Chiefs, Kadarius Toney / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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2. Justin Reid, S

There might not be a more maddening player for Chiefs fans on this defense than safety Justin Reid. Sometimes, he'll make a big play or a huge hit and have fans out of their seats. Other times, he's seen blowing coverage and getting beat badly.

If you did a simple Twitter (X) search of Reid, you'd see exactly my point, if you weren't too familiar with his play. Reid habitually makes the mistake of an incorrect pre-snap read. Time and time again, you'll see quarterbacks take advantage of this. Reid believes it is a run play, therefore the opposing quarterback will hit his receiver or tight end on a crossing route for a chunk gain. It's a true rinse-and-repeat type of scenario.

The Chiefs can save over $10 million by cutting Reid next year, and they should take advantage. He's been a liability. On a great defense, overall, Reid is a weak link. No longer can they be victim to his misses, especially in coverage. He's giving up over 61 percent completion to opposing quarterbacks while allowing a passer rating of 100.1 and being credited with giving up four touchdowns on the year.