3 reasons the Chiefs need to bring back Frank Clark

Kansas City Chiefs, Frank Clark
Kansas City Chiefs, Frank Clark / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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3. The rich love getting richer

The Chiefs defense has started this season on a tear. Overall, they are the league's second-best scoring defense, allowing just 14.7 points per game (just 0.2 behind the San Francisco 49ers for first place). Additionally, Kansas City is currently the NFL's sixth-ranked defense in terms of yards allowed per game (284.0).

A couple of areas they are hovering around the top 10, though, are in opposing QBR (11th at 82.0), third down percentage (9th at 36.0 percent) and rushing yards per game (12th at 100.2).

While Clark has not recently been known as a lethal run stopper, he could definitely help in those first two categories. What is does bring is an obvious presence in the pass rush. Clark could be the key to the Chiefs defense moving into the top five in those two areas, which could then move them into the no. 1 overall spot in the NFL.

If you have the no. 1 defense backing Patrick Mahomes, you are going to have an exponentially greater possibility of winning another Super Bowl. In fact, if the Chiefs ended the year as the league's top defense, I would just about anything they win it all once again.