Las Vegas Raiders 5 Best options to replace Josh McDaniels

It's only week nine, but the Las Vegas Raiders already cleaned house. Instead of hiring a GM to find their next head coach, Mark Davis should hire the head coach and the search starts now. Luckily NFL Spin Zone has a short list.
Las Vegas Raiders
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1. Dan Quinn

Mark Davis should hire a guy who proved to be the leader of men. When you talk about potential head coaching candidates for the Raiders, Dan Quinn should undoubtedly be on the shortlist. His defensive genius is exactly what the Raiders need to turn their franchise around. During his tenure with the Atlanta Falcons, Quinn transformed the team into a defensive powerhouse, leading them to Super Bowl LI. And while the outcome of that game was less than ideal… okay they blew it like the wind of a hurricane in the tropics.

But, it’s important to remember that he got them there in the first place. Raiders haven’t been since 02’ and have lost two playoff games since.

But it's not just Quinn's defensive genius that makes him a prime candidate for the Raiders head coaching position. His personality and ability to connect with his players are exactly what the Raiders need to create a winning culture. Quinn is known for being a players' coach and for getting the best out of his guys. This was evident during his time with the Falcons, where he was able to turn the team around and establish a culture of winning.


With Quinn at the helm, the Raiders can expect a complete turnaround, starting with their defense. His ability to build a strong defensive unit and his knack for connecting with his players will undoubtedly lead to a winning culture in Las Vegas. Mr. Davis would be wise to have Quinn on their shortlist for their next head coach.

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