Latest NFL Power Rankings see 49ers rise, Eagles fall big time

The latest week of NFL Power Rankings is here!
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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4. Dallas Cowboys (9-3)

Man, the Dallas Cowboys offense is just scarily good.  This team has all the potential in the world and are plenty talented enough to win a Super Bowl.  The biggest question, as always, is if this team can show up when the playoffs roll around.  They can do wonders on offense and defense but if they can’t win playoff games, they it’s all for nothing.

3. Baltimore Ravens (9-3)

The Baltimore Ravens do not play this week and get to sit back and watch their AFC rivals beat up on each other.  Baltimore is currently tied for the best record in the AFC and are also in a heated battle with a few other teams for the #1 seed in the conference.  The Ravens might be the most complete team in the AFC.

2. Miami Dolphins (9-3)

A commanding win for the Miami Dolphins in Week 13 further extends their lead in the AFC East and gives them continued hope for the #1 seed in the AFC.  Tyreek Hill had about 529 yards receiving this week against Washington, and this team is simply rolling.

1. San Francisco 49ers (9-3)

I think the San Francisco 49ers proved to the entire world in Week 13 that they are the best team in the NFL.  They took it to the Philadelphia Eagles, who are perhaps not quite as good as their record says.  Even with the 49ers winning, they still sit one game behind the Eagles for the #1 seed in the entire NFC.