Latest NFL Power Rankings see Chiefs, Jaguars fall big time

-Defending Super Bowl Champions falling big-time

-Panthers still proving to be awful

-Broncos Country is riding!

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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Another week of the 2023 NFL Season is nearly in the books.  We’ve still got to see the winners of Sunday and Monday Night Football, but man, we saw some more explosive and competitive games in Week 14.  In the NFC, the top dogs continue to separate themselves, and the Wild Card race is beginning to tighten.

In the AFC, there are a plethora of teams with a 7-6 record and only three Wild Card spots to go around.  During the homestretch of the season, we’ll begin to see which teams are for real and which teams are slowly fading away.

Let’s dive into the latest edition of NFL Power Rankings.

32. Carolina Panthers (1-12)

Bad team.  The quarterback might be bad, too.  Moving on.

31. New England Patriots (3-10)

The New England Patriots winning a primetime game against an equally bad team doesn’t help their cause in the NFL Power Rankings.  This is still a horrid team in need of a ton of work, and I don’t think Bill Belichick is sticking around to take part in that.

30. Washington Commanders (4-9)

They were doomed the second they hired Ron Rivera, if we’re being honest.  I do think Sam Howell has something, and I think he’ll get a third year to prove it to the world.  For now, though, this team is a lost cause in 2023.

29. Arizona Cardinals (3-10)