Chargers Rumors: 4 sneaky candidates to replace Brandon Staley

The inevitable could lead to a sneaky hire by the Chargers
Los Angeles Chargers, Brandon Staley
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3. Brian Griese, Quarterbacks Coach, San Francisco 49ers

Brian Griese played 11 years in the NFL and has now been in coaching for just a couple of years as the San Francisco 49ers' quarterbacks coach. With just a short time in coaching, Griese would certainly qualify as a dark horse for a head coaching gig.

But, those two years in coaching have been spent in maybe the best organization you could choose to work for these days. The 49ers, under head coach Kyle Shanahan, have become a factory for coordinators and coaches over the last few years. Mike McDaniel, DeMeco Ryans and Robert Saleh are just a few prime examples of coordinators who have gone on to become head coaches recently, after spending some time under Shanahan.

If Griese aimed to bring a similar scheme to wherever he coached next (and it will most likely be as a coordinator, first) then he'll have a good shot at ultimately becoming a head coach. The 49ers remain one of the top offenses in football, while Miami is still no. 1 in terms of yards per game, as we speak.

Again, Griese might not be an expected pick. But, he is worth watching because of how great the Shanahan coaching tree has become.