4 changes Vikings must make before the season goes off the rails

Minnesota still has plenty of hope, but they have to get serious from here on out.
Minnesota Vikings, Joshua Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings, Joshua Dobbs / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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4. Let Josh Dobbs throw it downfield more often

Looking at the last four games quarterback Joshua Dobbs has played with the Vikings, you can easily pick out his best outing. It happened to come against the no. 7 passing defense in the league, the New Orleans Saints -- by far the best pass defense he's faced in his time with Minnesota.

During that game, Dobbs threw for 268 yards, one touchdown, no picks, completing nearly 68 percent of his passes and being sacked a season-low (with Minnesota) one time. Interestingly enough, Dobbs also had the highest average yards per attempt at 7.9, and that was also a game played without Justin Jefferson.

With Jefferson returning, the Vikings should look at that game against the Saints and take notes. With Jefferson, Jordan Addison and T.J. Hockenson all out there, they need to allow him to throw it further down field. One of the ugliest things about the loss against Chicago was that both teams refused to throw it down field. Why wouldn't Minnesota let him throw it? The evidence is there. He can do it, so let him let 'er rip.