3 Kirk Cousins trade packages Vikings can't refuse

If the Vikings were presented with these offers, why would they say no?

Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins
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Trade Number 3: Kirk Cousins goes back to where it all began

This last one is a bit of a wild card, as the Washington Commanders have tried their best to show belief in youngster Sam Howell. At 3-3, the Commanders are still well within the NFC race overall, but Howell has been inconsistent. Although he's had some bright moments, Howell still continues to hold the ball far too long and dig his offense into holes that are difficult to get out of.

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The Commanders may be selling one particular piece at the deadline as well, in defensive end Chase Young. Washington did not pick up his fifth-year option and thus it seems as though the two sides will part after this season. The Vikings could look at Young as a long-term piece, trading for him and extending him.

With Washington dealing for a high-level quarterback and giving away a player they don't believe in, they'd send the Vikings a third rounder as well in an attempt to compete this season. Maybe, Washington decides to keep Cousins around longer and bring his career full circle.