3 Vikings who need to be traded to start building for the future

Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2. Danielle Hunter, EDGE

One of the biggest trade candidates over the past few months has been Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter, who has two more seasons left on his deal, but they are both void. So, Hunter is likely gone after 2023, making him a prime trade target for teams needing a pass rusher. Hunter was someone the Vikings probably wanted to move this past offseason when unloading salary, but were unable to do so.

Over his eight years in the league, Hunter has earned three Pro Bowls and amassed 79.0 sacks. This season, he currently leads the league with 8.0 sacks through Week 6. If there was ever a right time to sell Hunter, now would be the time.

Any contending team needing a pass rusher should call Minnesota immediately, especially because he's likely gone in 2024 anyway. If the Vikings could manage to return something along the lines of a fourth-round pick for a one-year rental, they should pull the trigger. That type of value, even as high as a third rounder, would be a phenomenal value.