Jets wisely snag Aaron Rodgers insurance in this 2024 NFL mock draft

There will be no repeat of 2023 happening next year.
New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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Funny enough, it just so happened to work out that the Jets would go on to take one of Mitchell's Longhorn teammates in defensive tackle Byron Murphy II in the third round. The Jets were extremely vulnerable against the run over the course of the 2023 season, and Murphy will come in and be part of the solution here.

At 6-foot-1, 308 pounds, Murphy packs a big-boy frame. He's a big dude, but he gets off the line of scrimmage much faster than you'd assume. That's part of what makes him so good, and also allows for teams to line him up both on the interior and, occasionally, at defensive end.

Murphy is a well-rounded lineman who can both stop the run and put pressure on quarterbacks. He moves well for a guy his size, using his big, strong frame in an impressive manner. He is rarely pushed off his base, possessing very strong legs which allow him to take on that initial punch from opposing linemen with relative ease.

The biggest concern for Murphy is a lack of height, but his low and firm base can also be used as a strength. If he stays consistent with where he wins, he'll have no problem finding success as a pro.